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Bangladesh leader’s execution is a political murder

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NEW YORK, NY (December 12, 2013) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) strongly condemns the execution today of Abdul Quader Mollah, the Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh’s Jamat-e-Islami party by Shaikh Hasina’s government.

ICNA President Naeem Baig said “this is a political murder and a dark day for justice”. Death sentences of political prisoners being handed down through unjust judicial process may plunge Bangladesh into violence, political tyranny, and social anarchy.

World leaders, including US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had personally appealed to the Bangladesh Prime Minister to halt the execution. United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and several international bodies have condemned the way these courts were established and trials conducted.

The judgment is a result of a trial where the defense teams faced severe obstructions including abduction of their witnesses, disallowing defense evidence or witnesses, and circumventing legal procedures like changing of the law to allow the prosecution to pursue the death penalty after a verdict of life sentence had been reached. These courts are not recognized by any international human rights or legal body as being fair and adhering to international standards.

Allah (swt) reminds us in the Quran (2:154) “And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah, “They are dead.” Rather, they are alive, but you perceive [it] not.”

The night before his execution, Mollah had said, as conveyed by his family, “I am absolutely innocent. I am being murdered as I am involved with the Islamic movement.” He further added “My every single (drop of) blood will mobilize the Islamic movement and will bring the doom of the autocrats. I am not worried for myself. I am worried about the fate of this nation and the Islamic movement.”

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Ask the President and the Secretary of State to demand the Bangladeshi government to immediately halt these trials and executions.
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  • Shahbaz Nazrul

    What is ICNA’s business in giving political statements and activities like this? How do ICNA know that this is a political murder? Who told you that? Or you are circulating a printed statement from Jamat-e-Islami like a robot. This Quader Mollah is probably liable for killing more than hundred muslims. How come ICNA became so sure that it is a political murder? People came in the court of law and gave testimony against this criminal. What is ICNA’s stance on the killed 100 of Muslims that were alleged to be killed by this thug? Did you give any statement regarding that? Qader Mollah was awarded the death penalty by a proper trial. I’d like to see ICNA raise its voice against the atrocities of the Rajakars (war collaborators) and Pakistani military men who killed thousands of innocent Muslims from Bangladesh during the 1971 war. Or ICNA is a representative of selected group of muslims e.g. Pakistani Military and Jamaat e Islami?

  • Ashique Mahmood
  • Anik Andalib

    So you guys are praising a rapist and mass murderer? Who has been proved beyond reasonable doubt? Shame on you! Whoever feeds you information is a liar and cheat! Educate yourself.

  • Khandaker Moinur Rahman

    I strongly protest against this news. I am from Bangladesh. So I know that this person, Kader Molla is a proven war criminal. He has been proven guilty of murders and rapes of lots of innocent people. His capital punishment was a justice for all his crimes. It is the political agenda of terrorist group Jamaat e Islami to present this murderer as an innocent Islamic leader to world, which is completely wrong.

    Allah (swt) is just and He loves the truth. Allah hates if you lie without knowing the correct information. So I encourage you to fear Allah and stop spreading wrong information about a proven war criminal.


  • Chorom Udash

    Eyewitness to Genocide: The Jamaat-e-Islami collaborators who got away with murder

  • Shane A Elahi

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. If he is innocent Allah will reward him Jannah, else justice has been served (though I sincerely believe this was politically motivated) and may Allah establish His Justice on hiim even on the Day of Judgement. ICNA should know better to not make such publication but then again on second thought it is expected since significant majority of ICNA members of BD origin in USA & Canada are X-Jamat-e-Islami Bangladesh, personal hands on experience. I am now suffering Fitnah within myself here in Toronto seeing my beloved scholars of the west spreading this news as if it is of the same level as Syria, Egypt, Palestine, etc. Current Government (Awami League) or BNP (the opposition) & Jamat, none of them are saints or any defender of Islam or Scholars of Islam in Bangladesh. Born & brought up in Bangladesh, above is my testimony.

  • Chorom Udash
  • Shahnur Begum

    Absolutely, it was a pre-planned #JudicialMurder. I’s surprised about ICT, how did they accept the witness of Momena, who was not identified as Momena as her face was covered and she gave 3 different types of witness. Is she trusty? ICT didn’t try to find out was #martyrAbdulQuaderMollah and Killer same person or not as demanded by his lawyers. If state make law to fullfil the desires of a few people, why we need court. #Govt could kill him without making so drama. Shame for blind poor people, shame for our country who failed in showing respect to the opinion of International Community. Please watch the video:

  • Md Asif Matin

    Only Allah knows the best….isnt it? And what happens …happens for the greater good. To me justice has been served…even after 42 years… From my elders in the family who were adults during 1971, I have been hearing these names since my childhood…how henious they were…how they killed innocent ppl without any mercy… I trust my elders more than anyone….and the proof supported that in the court.

  • Nazmen Monir
  • As muslim, we have to acknowledge what is wrong and what is right. There is no scope of being biased.

    As Bangladeshi we want that justice should be served for all the innocent people being killed and raped during ’71. But if it is used for political reason by staging an unfair trail then it is a shame for the entire nation.

    Qader Molla was convicted of killing 400 ppl in Mirpur during 1971. But what government did was frame him as a guy called “Koshai Kader” who was located in Mirpur. Whereas Qader Molla was in Foridpur during that time, not in Mirpur, as per witnesses. No case was ever filed for 40 years against him. Everyone should get a fair trail, and he did not!

  • Shahed Haque

    Thank you ICNA for standing up for the truth.

  • He was an innocent victim of awami politics. He didn’t do any crime rather he was a bright student of DU in 1972. Also Bihari Koshai Kader and Shahid Abdul Kader Mollsh is not the same pesron.What govt did a judicial killing. He didn’t get fair trial. He dedicated his life for islam and always wished to be a martyr. Allah SWT accepted him I believe.

  • Iftekhar Amin Sadi

    This person has been convicted of rape and murder of innocent civilian by eyewitness account. This is not about politics this is about justice.

  • Iftekhar Amin Sadi

    Does ICNA provide finance Mr. Mollah’s political party? Is zakat and sadaka money being used to protect criminals and psychopaths like this person?

  • Salahuddin Rony

    alhamdulillah!!! justice was served…

  • Tanvir Alam
  • Tareque Aziz

    first of all, those of you, who are claiming that kader was innocent – go and educate yourselves. he was a sub human creature who actively partcipated in mass murders, arson, loot and all sorts of heinous acts. just because he is a so called mullah doesn’t make him innocent. grow some brain for a change!

  • George

    Abdul Qader Mollah is a notorious war criminal. He committed several crimes including rape and murder during 1971

  • Asif Haque

    Uncle Sam executed your grand daddy Bin Laden without a trial. Be thankful that Mollah got a lawyer.

  • Moshu Mirpurbashi

    ICNA made a statement in the support of a convicted killer and war criminal. What a shame! I removing ICNA from liked page.

  • Seems like ICNA has a selective penchant for making political statements.

  • Sumbel Aurangzeb

    Not really; just heard the same story on the BBC World Service.

  • What do you expect from ICNA?….

  • Md. Imtiaz

    “However, no matter what Quader and Mujaheed had been rewarded with in independent Bangladesh, their classmates did not forget or forgive their felonious past and barred them from joining the reunion of the class of ’64 of that college.”

  • Amin
  • talat

    This has bring out the true face of ICNA. It tries to fool others by confusing with ISNA. This must be another Jamaati web site. Why not you pray that your wife and daugdaughters and sisters get the treatment that Quader mollah has provided to others in 71. Naim Baig and gang please make the dua in the name of Allah and see what befalls you.

  • muji

    Only a munafiq and apostate like those who are commenting here.. will support his execution…shaheed inshallah.May Allah bring the Bangladeshis a black day and hasten the Islamic revival ameen ya rabb.

  • Adam Muhammed

    OR you are peddling lies, falsehoods and fabrications and whether it is an Islamic court or a court in the West, for your statement, you would be found guilty of making claims without any evidence.

    It truly is amazing to see people like yourself, so ready to ask a man to be sentenced to death, when you haven’t seen the actual “evidence” for which he is being sentenced to death for.

    And don’t post links or statements by the Bangladeshi government – them saying he’s guilty means nothing. Not least because they themselves are corrupt beyond belief, nor because they have blood on their hands, not even because they themselves are guilty of the crimes they accuse the Maulana of (if you were so concerned about what happened in 1971, you should have protested against Mujibur Rahman for pardoning all the Pakistani generals who were responsible for any innocent civilians who were killed).

    No, the words of the Bangladeshi government mean nothing, because in law, you can’t prosecute someone simply because the prosecution says “they’re guilty” or says they have “evidence” but does not share it with you or allow that “evidence” to be challenged in court. To do so would be to make a mockery of law and justice, just as Hasina, her father and the Awami league are and their supposed “love for Bangladesh” when they have and continue to bleed the country dry and stage kangaroo courts to distract the public from their brutality, theivery and blatant oppression.

  • Adam Muhammed

    Since when is peddling false lies and fabrications about an innocent man = being patriotic/loving one’s country/seeking justice for innocent civilians being murdered.

    It seems that the only who is regularly lying is your government. Stop throwing stones when you live in a glass palace.