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Bangladesh leader’s execution is a political murder

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NEW YORK, NY (December 12, 2013) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) strongly condemns the execution today of Abdul Quader Mollah, the Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh’s Jamat-e-Islami party by Shaikh Hasina’s government.

ICNA President Naeem Baig said “this is a political murder and a dark day for justice”. Death sentences of political prisoners being handed down through unjust judicial process may plunge Bangladesh into violence, political tyranny, and social anarchy.

World leaders, including US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had personally appealed to the Bangladesh Prime Minister to halt the execution. United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and several international bodies have condemned the way these courts were established and trials conducted.

The judgment is a result of a trial where the defense teams faced severe obstructions including abduction of their witnesses, disallowing defense evidence or witnesses, and circumventing legal procedures like changing of the law to allow the prosecution to pursue the death penalty after a verdict of life sentence had been reached. These courts are not recognized by any international human rights or legal body as being fair and adhering to international standards.

Allah (swt) reminds us in the Quran (2:154) “And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah, “They are dead.” Rather, they are alive, but you perceive [it] not.”

The night before his execution, Mollah had said, as conveyed by his family, “I am absolutely innocent. I am being murdered as I am involved with the Islamic movement.” He further added “My every single (drop of) blood will mobilize the Islamic movement and will bring the doom of the autocrats. I am not worried for myself. I am worried about the fate of this nation and the Islamic movement.”

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Ask the President and the Secretary of State to demand the Bangladeshi government to immediately halt these trials and executions.
The Whitehouse: (202) 456-1111
The State Department: (202) 647-4000

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  • Talha Syed ur an idiot …icna is not promoting anything here , all they saying that abdul kadar mullah been hanged for something he didn’t do. Fyi even from UN to all the human rights group said these war criminals trials were not fair and didn’t meet international standard

  • He was a convicted war criminal. Please know your facts.

  • Talha Syed

    Sadi bhai, I am not sure when we had another genocide besides the BDR situation. I am sure the next term when BNP goes on they will bring it up. Now that BNP and Jamayat supported War Criminals are being punished, the Awami League and others will be punished once the opposition goes there thats why the Lady is not leaving her throne which we all know.

    But, once again as Bangladeshi it will be shame to divert my concern and asking a non related question and not supporting me on my viewpoint. How come you or anyone can support ICNA on this (Unless you do not know what happened in 1971 and May Allah forgive your ignorance for your ignorance).

    Every democratic country has law and order for killing and raping. Those criminals are being dealt. Even in the most developed country USA, many criminals get away. You cannot punish everyone but you definitely should try.

  • Guys, ICNA has (or had) parts of it run by a war criminal:

    What other kind of response can you expect from this organization?

    They’re not Islamic. They’re just a bunch of people who choose to believe what they want tk believe, irrespective of the truths out there.

  • Shakib Ahmed

    Why the heck traitors like him stayed in BD after the war? If they sided with Pakistan, they shouldve moved to Pakistan. This execution is well deserved, in fact it should have taken place 42 years ago.

  • when we muslim will learn not to kill our good people …I hope soon

  • Shame to Those who killed such a brilliant leader…May Allah grant him Jannatul ferdous..ameen…

  • For last 42 years, Abdul Quader Molla has been known as the Butcher of Mirpur. This convicted war criminal killed and raped hundreds of bangladeshis. By supporting him you are revealing your true color. You do not stand for the muslims of United States.

  • Fahad Khan

    travesty of justice. The trial had severe shortcomings. Similar to Bhutto’s execution by Zia.

  • May Allah grant him place in Jannah.

  • Awais Saeed

    @Talha – in a country still stricken by poverty and lacking infrastructure to have accurate documentation even today, I wonder who was collecting evidence in 1971, how did they prove that who ever supposedly did something was him? If the evidence was so conclusive then why not the govt. present it to UN to counter the criticism of unfair and biased trials? You are saying he/Pakistani forces committed those crimes, I know many Bangalis who think otherwise and put blame for the crimes on Indian backed fighters to fuel the rebellion. The problem with stories (ESP 4 decades old stories) is that they don’t stand as evidence in the court of law! Except In Sh. Hasina’s kangaroo court.

  • Naser Imran Hossain

    This guy raped and butchered his own countrymen in person. Say what you may, but within the boundaries of the country he had so willingly betrayed once- he was a dead man anyway.

    This was very unexpected of ICNA.

  • Jackie China


  • Ashraf Alam

    Very surprised to see ICNA as a supporter of a criminal!

  • Talha Syed

    Awais Saeed I will personally invite you to Bangladesh with all expense paid including airfare if you truly want to learn actually what happened in 1971. I will let you interview 100 Bangladeshis older who has seen 1971 even the one who are Pro-Pakistani and I will challenge you to come and change what you commented below. Brother, 1971 had motor cars, helicopters and aeroplanes. So, it was not that bad of infrastructure. I am sure the Bangladeshis you encounter may have not had a chance to talk to a lady who was raped or a family whose sons were murdered. But whatever you think or others think, Allah (SWT) blessed us with the blessings of independence and the curse of discrimination which every Bengali faced while being in Pakistan.

  • Talha Syed

    Rasal Uddin a muslim never curses another. Even Prophet (SM) forbidden us from cursing another person muslim and nonmuslim alike. It is Sunnah to explain another fellow brothers sweetly and nicely just like the Prophet (SM) if they are unaware of the fact. It is a trait of Abu Jehel followers to start cursing when they don’t have any logic. I forgive you brother for cursing and may Allah give you hidayah. ICNA also liked your comment that justifies their posting and promoting cursing.

  • Ataul Russel

    He has killed many people, raped a child in front of her family and so on….

  • Concerned Bangladeshi

    Stop Spreading Blatant Lies. Either he is a criminal, or it is OK for “Islamic” readers to kill and rape… Take your pick…

  • Mohsina Bukhari

    Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajeuun.
    Whoever controls the image and information of the past determines what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the information and images of the present determines how those same people will view the past.
    — George Orwell, 1984

  • Moudud

    This is a one sided view of the story (defense team’s view). The allegation against Mr. Kader Mollah was participation in mass killing directly and indirectly including slaughtering and also raping women in 1971 that was proved in the court. I strongly oppose such kind of announcement from ICNA because they are posting it based on one sided view. Since ICNA is a huge organization of Muslims, such announcement can confuse people all around the world. We expect ICNA to act in much more sensible fashion by not announcing such one sided controversial statement.

  • ThatThought

    So you are basically backing up a war criminal, in the name of Islam? Does Islam support this?

  • Mahmud Hasan

    Is that a Islamic Circle of North America or the Liers Circle of North America?

  • Mahmud Hasan
  • Waziuddin Chowdhury

    Good riddance for the murderer.
    He lived longer than he deserved.
    Justice was finally served.

  • There are few people do not know two side fact in Bangladesh 1971, please read this non-bias book, this is my humble request.

  • Sabrina Sharmin Nody

    Do your homework. You’re talking about a convicted war criminal who killed over 300 people, raped an 11 year old, directly participated in loot and arson. If that’s the kind of “leader” ICNA wants and supports then I’m oh so sorry for your loss that people of Bangladesh and government punished a monster. Deepest condolences for ICNA.

  • ICNA are you supporting islam or CORRUPTING it?
    Shame on you. Kader Molla was a butcher who raped and killed many Bangladeshis in 1971. He got the punishment what he deserved. Now STOP misleading people in the name of islam.

  • Truth be told

    Whose pubic hair ICNA was cutting when Qader Mollah was slaughtering innocent people in 1971?? This is exactly the problem of us, muslims. Can not support the right people.

    Get well soon ICNA leaders. Stop saying for a war criminal.

  • Lubaaba Amatullah

    He was an innocent man convicted on flimsy evidence by a corrupt court:
    May Allah rest his soul at last from the oppression vindictively inflicted on him.