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Archive for July, 2016

07 7 16

Mosque opens doors to its Christian neighbors

During Ramadan, Bringing Community Together.
The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) VA Islamic Center welcomed the surrounding community on June 24 to participate in its traditional iftar meal to celebrate the month of Ramadan.
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07 6 16

Chicago Muslims use billboards to condemn violence

Chicago Muslims use billboards to condemn violence in Orlando, Saudi Arabia and other places.
CHICAGO, IL. July 4, 2016 – GainPeace, an outreach organization in Chicago, has launched an outreach campaign using highway billboards to condemn the Orlando shooting and other forms of violence.
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07 5 16

Dealing With the Fitan (Tribulations) of Our Times

By Naeem Baig
As we end Ramadan of 2016 we are saddened with the parting of this great month. Muslims throughout the globe are deep in thought and intensified acts of worship as Ramadan culminates and Eid-ul Fitr dawns.
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07 2 16

ICNA Condemns Attacks in Bangladeshi Cafe

NEW YORK, NY (July 2, 2016) – ICNA, once again, is deeply saddened by the acts of violence against innocent civilians in Dhaka, Bangladesh carried out by Daesh. The murderers who committed this barbaric attack have nothing to do with Islam.
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07 1 16

ICNA Sisters invite all residents to Canada Day celebration

By Nouman Khalil, Mississauga News
Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Sisters, the women’s wing of the organization, is inviting community members to celebrate Canada Day with them at Churchill Meadows Park.
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