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09 15 08

Fasting Muslims Give out Free Information and Water to New Yorkers

JAMAICA, New York (September 15, 2008) – Fasting Volunteers Answer Questions posed at Information Tables on Islam in NY.
The New York Chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and its 877-WHY-ISLAM project are sponsoring information tables on Islam in New York City beginning in the month of Ramadan.
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09 15 08

Muslims Turn to Bus Ads in Seattle to Create Awareness About Islam

The Seattle chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America is sponsoring bus ads to stir conversation and steer people toward information about Islam.
By Janet I. Tu, Seattle Times religion reporter.
The ads are simple and stark.
Running on the sides of several Metro buses, they merely say: “Q: Islam. A: You deserve to know,” with a phone number and Web site.
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09 14 08

ICNA Relief Leading the Relief Effort

“May Allah Bless ICNA Relief and the volunteers.” These were the words of Sheikh Mustafa, Imam of Masjid Bilal (North Zone) in Houston, where scores of ICNA Relief volunteers are taking care of more than 300 families and individuals, including children and women, who are seeking shelter from the fury of Hurricane Ike. The deafening sound of generators combined with the wind gusts piercing through the doors and the windows made it difficult for volunteers to make Suhur, the early morning breakfast for Muslims fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

The situation was no different in the other two shelters opened by ICNA Relief in cooperation with the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH). Late Friday night, when Ike started roaring through the city, power went out, windows started falling apart and many frightened residents of the neighborhood started rushing to the shelter, they were welcomed by ICNA workers.

Not withstanding the limited resources, ICNA Relief and ISGH were able to open the three shelters with all the basic necessities and a generator. Hundreds are being served Suhur and Iftar. Scores were helped with evacuation to these shelters and the only source of power are the generators. Local TV channels and radio stations took note of the services provided by Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and highlighted the contributions made by the Muslim community. One channel highlighted that these were the only shelters open by any faith-based group.

In cooperation with ISGH, ICNA Relief has set up shelters in the following masajid:

Masjid Bilal  (ISGH North)
11815 Adel Road, Houston, TX77067
Ph. 281-537-1946

Masjid Al-Mustafa (Bear Creek)
17250 Coventry Park , Houston , TX77084
Ph. 281-859-8203

Masjid Al-Taqwa (ISGH South West)
10415 Synott Road, Sugarland, TX77478
Ph. 281-495-3403

For further information contact:
Ayub Badat  917-602-4450

NOTE: These places are not authorized shelters: However, our doors are open to anyone who feels the need to live in a more comfortable setting that offers security and shelter. We are providing basic help by means of food, water and electric generators in these centers. Individuals may bring pillows and bedding to sleep or rest. Under no circumstances will ICNA and/or ISGH be liable for the safety of the people.

09 12 08

ICNA Relief, HH and ISGH Providing Essential Assistance to Ike Evacuees

Islamic Circle of North America Houston Chapter Relief Department (ICNA Relief), Helping Hand USA & the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH)

Providing all Hurricane Ike evacuees’ with basic services such as a place to stay with electric generators, food, water, etc. at three (3) of ISGH centers. The centers will be kept open 24 hours to offer this support.

ISGH Southwest
10415 Synott Road; Sugar Land; TX 77478

ISGH Northwest Center (Bear Creek Area)
17250 Coventry Park; Houston; TX 77084

ISGH North Center
11815 Adel Road; Houston; TX 77067

WHEN Centers will open Friday, September 12, 2008 at 10:00am and remain open as long as they are needed.


Ilyas Hasan Choudry          832-275-0786
Ayub Badat                        917-602-4450
Hashim Badat                     713-922-7425


NOTE: These places are not authorized shelters: However, our doors are open to anyone who feels the need to live in a more comfortable setting that offers security and shelter. We are providing basic help by means of food, water and electric generators in these centers. Individuals may bring pillows and bedding to sleep or rest. Under no circumstances will ICNA and/or ISGH be liable for the safety of the people.

09 12 08

Imam W.D. Muhammed Laid to Rest in Chicago

JAMAICA, New York (September 12, 2008) – Tears flowed from the eyes of thousands of followers of Imam W.D. Muhammed as they were led in the funeral prayer by Imam Abdul Hameed Dogar, a very close friend of the late Imam. About five thousand men, women and children lined up in the open grounds next to the Islamic Foundation in Villa Park, IL. Some drove all the way from Georgia and Mississippi, and some flew from as far as San Diego, California. It was a funeral service of a man who was dearly loved by his followers. There was peace and calm as frequent sounds of ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is the Greatest) filled the air confirming the commitment of the Imam’s followers. Commitment to continue pursuing the path of salvation by seeking the pleasure of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala.

The Ameer of ICNA, Dr. Khurshid Khan, lead the delegation of ICNA at the funeral service. He was joined by the Secreteray General, Naeem Baig, Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Mahmood Khan, Ikram Hussain and many more. Dr. Khan offered his condolences to the members of the Imam’s family and friends. He had been very close to Imam W.D. Muhammed and was invited by the Imam to speak at the National Convention, which was held on Labor Day weekend.

There were many other Muslim scholars and leaders present at the funeral; among them were Professor Sulayman Nyang, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam Zaid Shakir, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqui, Nihad Awad, Imam Talib Abdur Rasheed, Altaf Hussain, Imam Qasim Khan, Imam Abdul Malik and Dr. Sherman Jackson.

Sheikh Abdool Rahman Khan, the Director of Religious Services at Islamic Foundation, managed the whole ceremony and kept reminding the believers by reciting verses from the Quran and asking the gathering to remember Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, and to make dua for the Imam, who passed away in this beautiful month of Ramadhan.

We pray to Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, to forgive Imam W.D. Muhammed, to have Mercy upon him and to enter him into Paradise. We pray that Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, give sabr and patience to the family and friends of Imam Muhammed. Ameen.

09 9 08

Imam W.D. Muhammed: A Great Muslim American Leader Passed Away Today

JAMAICA, New York (September 9, 2008) – It is with great sorrow and grief that the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) extends its most heartfelt condolences to the family of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed who passed away today at his home in Chicago.

The Ameer of ICNA, Dr. Khurshid Khan, in a statement said, “It is a very sad day today for American Muslims. Imam W.D. Muhammed was a great leader and Da’ee of Islam.  He will not only be missed by his family but by all the Muslims of America”. Dr. Khan further said that he had lost a close friend and a mentor.
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09 7 08

Donate this Ramadan!

Tax Exempt ID#: 11-2925751

Why Donate to ICNA?
The Islamic Circle of North America is a leading grass roots organization. Our mission is to educate, support and empower Muslims throughout North America in accordance with the Quran and the methodology of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so that they can achieve felicity in this world and in the hereafter and to invite others to this call with the best of wisdom and best conduct.
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09 4 08

Largest Evacuation in US History: 1.9 Million Evacuated

Unfortunately, the situation in Louisiana caused by Hurricane Gustav has not improved. Almost 2 million people are in need of help; the devastation continues to accumulate. Maqsood Ahmad, President of ICNA-Baton Rouge, reports the following:

* Close to 1.9 million people have been evacuated – the largest evacuation in US history.
* 700,000 households have gone without power for the past four days.
* People have had to wait hours to fill their gas tanks.
* Food and milk supplies are extremely low, resulting in families going without food and drink.

Alhamdulillah, the following accomplishments have been made so far:

* 2,500 meals were served in the last 3 days.
* Over 700 families were provided with food, overnight shelter, and medicine.
* Debris covering houses neighboring the masjid has been removed.
*Brand new heavy duty generators have been donated to Masjid Al Rahman and Masjid Al Noor.

However, this is not enough. The people affected in these areas are in urgent of your attention. In order to recover from this devastating weather, the following is needed from unaffected communities:

* Daily Iftar and Suhur for 2,000 to 2,500 daily for up to 7 days ($20,000 to $30,000)
* Help clean the debris in the masajid and the surrounding neighborhoods both for Muslims and non-Muslims. ($1,000 to $5,000)
* Start a free clinic in New Orleans as soon as possible. ($5,000 to $10,000)
* Help families and individuals who are financially incapable to buy basic cleaning kits. ($3,000 to $5,000)
* Provide additional generators to the masajid in areas where power has not been restored. ($5,000 to $10,000)
* Provide the following supplies – gas cans, ice chests, ice, and a few hundred tarps.

The humid, hot weather has made it difficult for 10,000 Muslims to fast in the holy month of Ramadan. No mosques are holding Taraweeh (night) prayers due to the imposed curfew.  Let us remember this community in our prayers during the month of Ramadan. Please perform prayers, i.e. Du’a Qunoot for them.

As we open our fasts and attend night prayers, let us remember our brothers and sisters. They need your donation and support. We thank the following communities for opening their masajid, schools and hearts during this time of need:

Islamic Center Of Baton Rouge (Masjid Al-Rahman)
285 East Airport Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Islamic Center of Baton Rouge(Masjid Al-Noor)
820 West Chimes St., Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Masjid Abdur-Raqeeb
5241 Prescott Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70805

Islamic Center
700 Tulane Ave., Lafayette, LA 70805

Islamic Society of Lake Charles
610 College Manor Dr., Lake Charles, LA 70607

Islamic Society of Central LA
2232 Worley Dr., Alexandria, LA 71301

Islamic Association of Shreveport
1000 Delhi, Bossier City, LA 71111

Masjid Muhammad
2533 W Mcdowell Rd, Jackson, MS 39204

Masjid Omar
6100 Floral Dr., Jackson, MS 39206

Muslim Association of MS & Al
900 N. Frontage Rd. , Meridian, MS 39301

Special thanks to Masjid An-Noor, 3529 Mynders Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111 for offering support on very short notice.