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Rising Islamophobia concerns US Muslim organizations

By M. Bilal Kenasari
BALTIMORE, MD – Since Daesh emerged ‘unfortunately we are seeing rising levels of anti-Muslim sentiment in our society,’ says one group.
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The 40th annual ICNA-MAS convention: Muhammad (S)

By Zaid Nakadar
BALTIMORE – On this past Memorial Day weekend, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) held its 40th annual ICNA-MAS Convention. The convention took place from Saturday, May 23rd to Monday, May 25th, in the city of Baltimore. Thousands of people attended the conference, whose theme was “Muhammad: Peace and Blessings be Upon Him.”
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Baltimore hosts national Islamic convention

By FOX 45 News
BALTIMORE, MD – May 24 2015 — An estimated 20,000 people were in Baltimore this weekend for the Islamic Circle of North America convention.
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American Muslims work to dispel myths about Islam

By Lorraine Mirabella , The Baltimore Sun, May 24, 2015
When Malika MacDonald watched from afar the devastation caused by unrest in Baltimore’s long-struggling neighborhoods, the Boston-based worker with Muslim charity ICNA Relief USA felt compelled to help. Staff and volunteers with the group, which helps disaster victims, came to the city earlier this month and distributed food and hygiene goods to elderly residents living on riot-torn blocks.
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Islamic Center gives back with monthly meals

By Alonzo Weston St. Joseph News-Press | May 26, 2015
St. Joseph, MO – Feeding the hungry is a noble mission for any faith. The Islamic Center of St. Joseph saw it as its mission to tend to the needs of the hungry and homeless.
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Abd’de Yaşayan Müslümanlar Icna Toplantısında Buluştu

Üç gün sürecek toplantılara yaklaşık 30 bin katılımcı gelirken, Hz. Muhammed’in örnek yaşamı temelinde insan haysiyeti, adalet, doğruluk, istişare, hoşgörü, bağışlama, kişilerin etkin kökenine bakılmaksızın bireysel eşitlik gibi konularda bilgiler veriliy
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500 “Blessing” Bags to Baltimore by Muslim Charity

Muslim Charity Plans to Distribute Over 500 “Blessing” Bags to Baltimore Community This Memorial Day Weekend
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“Solitary confinement is immoral, ineffective”

May 16, 2015 • By ADELLE M. BANKS, Religion News Service
WASHINGTON- They’re small spaces — sometimes 7 feet wide, 12 feet long. And they’re where some inmates are held, sometimes for days, sometimes for decades.
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Watch ICNA-MAS Convention LIVE



The live broadcast of 40th ICNA-MAS convention in Baltimore, MD is available on Saturday May 23rd, 2015 at 11:00 AM.


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ICNA Convention, Baltimore- Interview with ICNA VP



Baltimore, 5/15/2015 – The city of Baltimore, recently in the media spotlight due to racially motivated police violence, will host the annual ICNA-MAS convention this Memorial Day weekend for the second year in a row.
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ICNA-MAS Convention App 2015 is Ready for Download


Category:Event, Press Release

JAMAICA, New York (May 15, 2015) – The ICNA-MAS Convention mobile application for 2015 was released today. This free app, available for Android and iPhone users, offers several features like creating personal program schedule, bio of all speakers, bazaar map, instant program updates and a convenient way to follow convention Tweets.
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