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Same-Sex Marriage: A Quranic Perspective

In Islam, marriage is the union between man and woman. It is the first human institution established by God, who created Adam and immediately made from him, his spouse, Eve. From this union children were born, and nations, tribes and civilizations emerged.
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Sex, Drugs and the Redemptive Power of Islam

By Malika MacDonald Rushdan
Do you remember the hadith of the prostitute who obtained paradise just by providing water to a thirsty dog? Yet, more often than not, we look down upon those who may seem beneath us. As the National Director of ICNA Relief USA’s Women’s Shelter Network, I want to share with you the story of one such woman, a tale that is sadly far from unique.
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The Story Behind the “Why Islam?” Billboards on I-95

By Jess Swanson, June 24, 2015
Religious billboards are nothing new for Florida highways, especially the ones in the rural north. But five billboards unveiled on May 8 were erected along Interstate 95 by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) to educate South Floridians about Islam. They were prompted by growing levels of Islamophobia in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings in January.

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Group Uses Billboards To Battle Islam Misconceptions

June 22, 2015, By Shelby Lin Erdman
A nationwide billboard campaign by an Islamic group is seeking to counter the negative image of Islam following a deadly shooting rampage at a French magazine in January.

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New billboard campaign seeks to rebrand Islam in America

Radio KPCC: AirTalk hosted by Larry Mantle. June 18 2015
A series of billboards in California are part of a campaign by the religious group, Islamic Circle of North America, to change Islam’s image in America, amid an increase in anti-Islamic sentiment in the country.

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Muslims mark Ramadan, donate personal care products

Muslims to Donate $3000 Worth Personal Care Products to DuPage PADS, to Mark Ramadan
By Community Contributor Taskeen Khan,
CHICAGO, June 16, 2015 – ICNA Relief Chicago, the Glendale Heights, IL, based local chapter of a National Muslim organization dedicated to helping the most vulnerable, will donate personal hygiene products to homeless women, on June 23 2015, to honor the Islamic month of Ramadan.
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Fighting Islamophobia by showing Islam’s real message

By Zohaib
To mend the tarnished image of Islam in the U.S., an Islamic NGO has devised a billboard-based campaign. People of Sacramento, California recently found a series of unusual billboards in several areas of their city. Addressing the troubled, the text on the board asked: “Looking for the answers in life?” before providing the answer itself.
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Campaign to heal Islam’s tarnished image in US

By: ANI | June 18, 2015
An Islamic billboard campaign in the United States is seeking to bolster the religion’s image in the country, tarnished by militant attacks, by urging the people to ‘Discover Muhammad’ and showcasing it as a religion of love and tolerance aimed at Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
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Helping New Muslims for Ramadan


Category:Education, Outreach

Los Angeles, 06/20/2015 – Imagine that it’s the first time you’re about to experience Ramadan. As a newcomer to Islam, you try to prepare yourself with the help of online sources but are continually confronted with fragmented and inadequate information. You don’t know where to go to gain comprehensive guidance.
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ICNA Condemns Racially Motivated Terror Attack


Category:Press Release

NEW YORK, NY (June 18, 2015) – The Islamic Circle of North America outright condemns the racially motivated terror attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., in which suspected gunmen, Dylan Roof, killed six women and three men during a Bible Study.
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Global Dawah Day – June 20, 2015 – Resources


Category:Event, Outreach


Last year, Muslims from 60+ countries across 6 continents registered for the Global Dawah Day, making it one the biggest dawah days in modern history. This year, in light of the Charlie Hebdo and Garland shootings, where satirical caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) provoked a violent reaction, negative perceptions of Muslims fanned by the media and politicians has in many cases led to Islamophobic attacks.
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